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How do you get rid of a piano?

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oneofsuesylvesterscheerios · 26/06/2010 19:37

If we tried to freecycle it would anyone be prepared to collect it?

It's old, in OK nick but hasn't been tuned for donkeys and some of the ivories have come off. Strings are ok though.

probably not worth trying to sell is it because of collection/transport costs

what's the best way to get rid of it would you say?

OP posts:
JaynieB · 26/06/2010 19:38

I've seen requests for pianos on the freecycle site I use sometimes - I'd post it and say that they have to collect it.

FromGirders · 26/06/2010 19:39

Drop it on any passing cartoon character?

marriednotdead · 26/06/2010 19:56

Lol at FG
Sell it on ebay. Give an honest description, buyer collects and start it at 99p. It will sell that way.

Earlybird · 26/06/2010 19:57

See if one of the local schools or churches might be interested?

ProfYaffle · 26/06/2010 19:59

They do pop up on Freecycle every now and then. We gave ours to a friend, he arranged collection etc. You could try the 'for free' section on here.

InmyheadIminParis · 26/06/2010 20:01

I got ours from freecycle (and paid for a piano mover to move it)... have faith, someone out there will want it and will be thrilled when they have it.

Littlefish · 26/06/2010 20:04

My school was desparate for one. We looked at several on Freecycle, but they all needed loads of work doing on them (two had been kept outside, so the damp had affected them really badly).

Put an advert up at your local music centre? Phone the local LEA music service and ask them if they have any pupils who are looking for one?

ThatVikRinA22 · 26/06/2010 20:06

pmsl at fromgirders.

dont do what my gran did - she chopped it up for firewood and i am about it until this day

JaynieB · 26/06/2010 20:57

We have one that DP will not part with, despite my ardent wishes to fill the space with some useful bookshelves. He's had it since he was a boy and is terribly attached to it.

MathsMadMummy · 26/06/2010 20:59

if anyone lives anywhere near crawley/west sussex please please please give me your piano. I miss mine so much

I will love you forever


whomovedmychocolate · 26/06/2010 21:03

Gumtree local freebies section works.

Or get in touch with our local Emmaus store and see if they'll take it.

qk · 26/06/2010 21:03

Phone a piano shop and ask their advice. They might collect it, repair it and sell it on.

SagacityNell · 26/06/2010 21:04

um - where abouts are you? I have wanted a piano in the house since i was a little girl

domesticsluttery · 26/06/2010 21:04

MathsMadMummy, I was going to say exactly the same thing!

Am hoping that hundreds of mumsnetters with unwanted pianos in Wales will now get in touch...

MathsMadMummy · 26/06/2010 21:14

I just got DD a keyboard for her birthday and now I feel even more sad. Not taking the piss, really, I could cry about it sometimes haven't had a piano since we moved out of my parents house. can't afford to get that one moved here ATM.

so again, anyone in West Sussex... I'm begging here!

domesticsluttery · 26/06/2010 21:19

I know what you mean. We can't afford one, and it will be a while before we inherit one! DS1 is having piano lessons and so we have a digital one, but I really want a real one

whomovedmychocolate · 26/06/2010 21:39

Oh put a WANTED up on freecycle FGS. There's probably a zillion people want to get rid of one.

MathsMadMummy · 26/06/2010 21:55

I thought on freecycle the deal is you have to collect?

oneofsuesylvesterscheerios · 26/06/2010 21:57

I'm in the west midlands

It's the one I had when I learned as a young cheerio.

It's a bit sad really as it was mum's and she taught me to play on it. She died when I was young but my dad made me keep it up like she would have wanted me to. I gave up when I was a stroppy teenager

And now we have to move it so that my dad can come home from hospital as he's going to be wheelchair-bound and we need more space.

(But i'm not trying to weave a sob story - honest! I do think pianos evoke strong sentiments though )

OP posts:
upahill · 16/07/2010 13:40

Leave it Burnley Park.

From Lancashire Evening Telegraph:
'COMMUNITY leaders have condemned ?mindless idiots? who smashed up a piano just hours after it was put in a Burnley park as part of an arts project.

The Play Me I?m Yours scheme has seen more than 300 instruments placed in cities around the world, including Barcelona, Sydney, Sao Paulo, London and New York. '

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