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Janelle Monáe - Tightrope - fab tune

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iloveasylumseekers · 23/06/2010 10:26

my new favourite song

This is very much not my usual thing, but I saw it on a blog and I can't stop playing it. Fabulous music, and amazing choreography (how do they do that?). She is beautiful, too, and it's refreshing to see some women in a music video actually wearing clothes - the androgynous thing works so well on her.

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Flighttattendant · 23/06/2010 10:32

I've just's weird, it's one of those songs where you can SEE it's a class act and very well done, but I cannot get into it!

Flighttattendant · 23/06/2010 10:32

I love the dancing though

iloveasylumseekers · 23/06/2010 14:35

It's cool - someone said on another forum it was like they have casters for feet. I wish I could dance like that.

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