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dr feelgood documentary

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southeastastra · 24/04/2010 10:05

was fantastic last night, dp a fan but i had no idea who there were really! the doc is really good catch it if you can. music real pre punk - intresting story, shame they didn't get the press they should have at the time.

OP posts:
mrsruffallo · 24/04/2010 10:23

I caught the second half of this- I love Dr Feelgood
So did Bob Marley- we are in good company.

said · 24/04/2010 14:16

Saw this - very good. Wish they were still around, would have been great to see live

southeastastra · 24/04/2010 16:24

can really see the other bands they influenced too, they looked fab

OP posts:
BigGitDad · 06/05/2010 21:36

Milk and Alcohol, have that song on my ipod. Great song.

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