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Singing Lessons for Grownups

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swanriver · 24/02/2010 17:07

Anyone ever taken singing lessons to improve their singing voice/style?
I used to sing a lot when younger but don't want to join a choir just now.
Found a good teacher, who is taking me for a short block of lessons. Folk songs etc or grander stuff.

Is it worth learning to sing properly? Never had formal lessons before, just school choirs.

OP posts:
Lilymaid · 24/02/2010 20:15

Lots of people take singing lessons as adults. I had singing lessons for several years which helped me with technique, sight reading etc which came in useful when I sang in big symphony choruses. Learning breathing technique also came in useful when DCs were born! If I knew of a good local teacher who could fit me in at times I could manage, I'd have m.ore lessons

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