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Great albums rediscovered

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MavisEnderby · 26/01/2010 09:17

I have recently been updating stuff on my I-pod and rediscovered some fab albums.

Spent last night mumsnetting whilst listening to Prince.Had forgotten how much I loved his music!

Today I am listening to a "Massive Attack" album that I haven't heard for ages.

What music have you rediscovered recently?

OP posts:
Yizo · 26/01/2010 13:00

Prince makes me melt!

I have old tapes but haven't got him on my ipod yet.

The wonder stuff, recently saw miles hunt with his new music.

Things that make me smile when I hear them are del a soul, yazz and some other song with sun in it which is the only rave song i ever liked but cant remember!

grouchyoscar · 04/03/2010 12:03

The indie girl in me has been ressurected courtesy of Gary Lightbody. Thought I should dust off some CDs and

Boo Radleys Giant Steps, how did I forget that blinder?

Super Furry Animals Fuzzy Logic. ditto

The Stairs Mexican R & B great garage album

Power of Dreams Immigrants emmigrants and me =]

Massive Attack Blue Lines - sublime

Teenage Fanclub - anything really

Sadly the first Placebo album has failed the test of time.

girlylala0807 · 04/03/2010 12:06

I still love Alaniss Morrissette (sp?) Jagged Little Pill

Just listening to it the other day!

said · 04/03/2010 14:39

Human League's Dare and Blondie's Parallel Lines

Stumbleine · 08/03/2010 21:05

Manic Street Preachers - The Holy Bible

feedthegoat · 08/03/2010 21:10

I do this all the time, forget about albums and fall for them all over again!

But one of my favourite candidates for this at the moment is Adorable - Against Perfection.

RedbinDippers · 15/03/2010 21:13

The clash - combat rock

horseyrider · 20/03/2010 17:10

I'm going through a bit of an A-ha renaissance as I saw them last year (superb!!) and they're splitting up at the end of the year . "Scoundrel Days" is brilliant, as is the last album "Foot of the mountain".

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