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own up! end of the road mumsnetters - there MUST have been some :D

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millenniumfalcon · 13/09/2009 20:46

were you there?

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LovelyDear · 13/09/2009 20:48

not this year. was it good?

millenniumfalcon · 13/09/2009 20:53

we had a ball :D had to leave early cos we left the kids with grandma (which might go some way to explaining why we had such a good time) but it still ranks up with my fave festies ever.

weather helped, site beautiful.

discovered blitzen trapper and said goodbye (nearly) to the broken family band.

OP posts:
millenniumfalcon · 13/09/2009 22:42

you're all still there

OP posts:
millenniumfalcon · 14/09/2009 18:54

back yet?

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