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Early 70s, poss late 60s song - can you identify it?

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Jux · 23/05/2009 12:32

It goes:

naa na
na na naa na
Hey hey hey

Or something!

It's stuck in my brain and won't go away. I neeeeed to know what it is! Can any of you help me?

OP posts:
schneebly · 23/05/2009 12:33

isn't that an 80's song? Bananarama or someone?

ellingwoman · 23/05/2009 12:34

Yes that's the title!

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Goodbye I think.

It was by a group called Steam.

< goes off to google to check...>

schneebly · 23/05/2009 12:36

ah elling seems to be right and it was covered by Bananrama!

ellingwoman · 23/05/2009 12:37


Jux · 23/05/2009 12:56

1969 - that dates me!

Thank you all. I am listening to it on your link ellingwoman. It's really quite horrid, isn't it?

I think I could have lived happily without ever hearing it again, actually.

OP posts:
ellingwoman · 23/05/2009 13:05

To me it brings back memories of my youth club and first pangs of love!

Having watched the clip I realised that I had never seen the group perform and always assumed they were a black Motown band. You learn something new every day!

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