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The best religious (ish?) pop songs???

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bosch · 15/05/2009 23:20

Now I'm not thinking Cliff Richard here before anyone suggests Mistletoe and Wine or .... well, anything by the lovely Cliff.

I got a very small mp3 off dh for christmas and after downloading a couple of knock off singles in Jan I put it on one side and ignored it.

This week I downloaded a legit version of George Harrison's My Sweet Lord and would love to have a little section of religious pop songs on my mp3 that I can sing along to when I'm in the mood.

Just to get the idea, I'm thinking of including Paul Weller's Shout to the Top (because it does the job for me, even if you tell me what it's really about and it's not God!)

OP posts:
CarGirl · 15/05/2009 23:21

Have you listened to any song by Delirious (spelling?)

StripeyOss · 15/05/2009 23:25

recommend their "king of fools" album

lisad123 · 15/05/2009 23:26

love the song "what if god was one of us" but cant remember who sings it

bosch · 15/05/2009 23:39

lisa - thanks, just found a joan osbourne version that sounds great.

Car Girl and Stripey - thanks, will have a look at that tomorrow.

OP posts:
TequilaMockinBird · 15/05/2009 23:40

Spirit in the sky?

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