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Long shot..anyone got a spare Depeche Mode ticket?

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futurity · 21/02/2009 18:44

My DH is desperate to go to see Depeche Mode in London on May 30th but missed out on tickets as couldn't get through on the day. E-bay prices are silly so thought I would post on here on the off chance as he has been working very hard recently and deserves a break! Cheers!

OP posts:
malovitt · 26/03/2009 01:16

If you're still looking for a Depeche Mode ticket and your husband can wait a bit longer, a new date has been announced for 15th December at the 02, tickets on sale Friday.

futurity · 26/03/2009 21:06

cheers for that...i got him a ticket this morning through pre-sale as i had signed up for ticketmaster notices. got a good seat for him as well

OP posts:
malovitt · 27/03/2009 10:24

That's good to hear.

I was offered rubbish seats yesterday in the presale but got brilliant ones today in the general sale.

Luck of the draw!

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