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Please help me remember this bands name from these lyrics...

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MoreSpamThanGlam · 25/01/2009 16:07

Ok, so band were late 80's. Lead singer was called Mark something and a pinup..ish.

Bit twangy, couple of hits.

I remember the lyrics a bit like this

"When theres no getting over
The riches that you gave
And in the light that shines from you
I bathe myself I bathe myself


No point living without you
Yes, Im glad I found you
You will be the one I know"

Arghhhhhh....doing my head in that I cant remember!

OP posts:
foxinsocks · 25/01/2009 16:13

dunno...not Marc Almond and Soft Cell (though he's not really a pin up lol!)

foxinsocks · 25/01/2009 16:13

meant ? at the end of that

policywonk · 25/01/2009 16:14

It's Then Jericho

policywonk · 25/01/2009 16:15

Mark Shaw

NotADragonOfCockALeekieSoup · 25/01/2009 16:15

top link

mollyroger · 25/01/2009 16:15


foxinsocks · 25/01/2009 16:17
UnquietDad · 25/01/2009 16:20

Yup, it's "The Motive" by Then Jericho. Big favourites of Liz Kershaw, as I recall.

MoreSpamThanGlam · 25/01/2009 16:46

You lot are fab...knew you wouldnt let me down!!!!

I kept thinking "The Message" and was getting Grand Master Flash....ffs!

OP posts:
policywonk · 25/01/2009 16:48

To be fair, 'The Message' is a lot better

MoreSpamThanGlam · 25/01/2009 16:49

Oh and Notadragon -I did google it for half an hour and couldnt find the sodding thing. Your sarcasm is noted and binned. But ta anyway.

OP posts:
paddingtonbore · 25/01/2009 16:54

Ding Dong
NotADragonOfCockALeekieSoup · 25/01/2009 17:12

And your lack of a sense of humour is noted.


mynameis · 25/01/2009 17:16

paddingtonbore would love to know what he looks like now, definately deserves a ding dong back then though

southeastastra · 25/01/2009 17:17

then jericho whatever happened to them. didn't they have a big area

UnquietDad · 25/01/2009 17:36

Mark Shaw went solo and tried to come back in that "Reborn in the USA" show - he had a strop, walked out and was replaced by Peter Cox from Go West, the eventual winner.

southeastastra · 25/01/2009 18:29

oh yes, i forgot about that show

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