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Musical siblings and harmonies

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Hassled · 24/01/2009 20:44

I was listening to the wondrous Everly Brothers which took me (as most things seem to) to the Beach Boys, and I was thinking about something I read about how siblings/cousins can harmonise so perfectly because they've grown up with the same speech patterns/intonations and have very similar voices. Is this true? Who else is there?

OP posts:
ZZZen · 24/01/2009 20:53

can't remember the name now, those brothers who sing "staying alive"

naswm · 24/01/2009 20:56


Hassled · 24/01/2009 20:58

Of course - the Bee Gees. Forgot about them, but a prime example.

If my brother and I were to start harmonising people's ears would start bleeding.

OP posts:
ZZZen · 24/01/2009 20:59

thanks dunno why the name slipped my mind. Were the Carpenters siblings? No idea if about the theory though hassled.

naswm · 24/01/2009 20:59

yes Carpenters too

naswm · 24/01/2009 21:00

so why arent Same Difference in this category then?

wheresthehamster · 24/01/2009 21:02


naswm · 24/01/2009 21:04


Hassled · 24/01/2009 21:05

Yes, Carpenters were siblings. And yes, they were good at harmonising. Same Difference should be good going by the shared gene pool logic .

I might have to YouTube the Nolans now - not something I ever thought I'd do .

OP posts:
Hassled · 24/01/2009 21:07

Ooh yes, the Jacksons. Top example. They sounded good together because their voices are so similar.

OP posts:
wheresthehamster · 24/01/2009 22:07


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