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a toddler group song

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margobambino · 21/01/2009 22:40

Hello Ladies,
My mum, who cannot speak English, has been taking my DS to the local toddler group since I returned to work. Today she mentioned about a song they sang during the circle time. Apparently, children were lying down as if the were sleeping and then stand up while the rhythm speeds up gradually. Does anybody know which song it could be? I need to learn and teach my mum and DS

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pollywobbledoodle · 21/01/2009 22:42

dingle dangle scarecrow?

pollywobbledoodle · 21/01/2009 22:43

pollywobbledoodle · 21/01/2009 22:44

or hop little bunnies

Ledodgy · 21/01/2009 22:45

It sounds like Sleeping Bunnies:

See the sleeping bunnies, sleep till nearly noon
Shall we try and wake them with a little tune
Look how still, are they ill,
Wake up soon.


Wake up bunnies (shout that bit)

Hop little bunnies, hop, hop, hop
Hop little bunnies, hop, hop, hop
Hop and stop.

DaDaDa · 21/01/2009 22:46

I'd vote for Sleeping Bunnies too.

Meglet · 23/01/2009 20:41

i love sleeping bunnies!!! Me and DS practice at home .

margobambino · 28/01/2009 23:33

Thanks girls. It turned out to be dingle dangle scarecrow. I found it in the youtube and then sang to my DS, he screamed "Up!!!" and then shook his hands. I taught him sleeping little bunnies too, just in case. He liked both

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