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What is yours and dp/h's song?

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Fiveplusbump · 21/11/2008 13:17

Ours is Gravity by embrace.
Just wanted to be nosy at everyone else's.

OP posts:
CharleeInChains · 21/11/2008 13:21

Savge Garden - Truley,madley,deeply

PussinJimmyWhoooos · 21/11/2008 13:22

Dream a Little Dream -Mamas and the Papas

AnAngelWithin · 21/11/2008 13:22

we haven't got one really, but every time i hear the song 'finally found' by the honeyz, it reminds me of him and us being young and in love. Well, we still are really....

DeathByMonkey · 21/11/2008 15:10

Ours is let's Stay Together by Al Green

Love Gravity - such a beautiful song

Pinkjenny · 21/11/2008 15:11

'Always be right there' by Bryan Adams. Aw, maybe I'll watch our wedding video tonight.

Or maybe Greys Anatomy. Could go either way .

Portofino · 21/11/2008 15:13

Me and Mrs Jones

RubyrubyrubyRobinRedbreast · 21/11/2008 15:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Spaceman · 21/11/2008 15:14

Together in Electic Dreams.

moopymoo · 21/11/2008 15:15

better together jack johnson played at our wedding ceremony bit i know but hey

VivaLaPotPourri · 21/11/2008 15:16

Although we did used to say the song that goes "don't know much about a science book... don't know much about the french I took" should be our song because my mum thought DH was too 'uneducated' for me.

TheGrillerPedant · 21/11/2008 15:21

We don't have one. Is this bad?

irishmum · 21/11/2008 15:27

Chasing Cars,Snow Patrol.

moopymoo · 21/11/2008 15:29

think you need to mske one up right now griller. obv v bad not to have one

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain · 21/11/2008 15:52

Our song is 'Always' by Bon Jovi, but he argues it's 'I knew I loved you before I met you' by Savage Garden, Bon Jovi was the first song we danced to after we got married, the Savage Garden one came on his radio while he was driving to meet me for the first time.... soppy sod.....

TheGrillerPedant · 21/11/2008 16:42

Oh right, yes, OK ours is the theme from Eastenders. We turn and smile to each other every night when it comes on.

Notquitegrownup · 21/11/2008 16:56

We didn't have one either, so had to invent one for the first dance at our wedding. We chose 'I got you Babe' - Pretenders version. The next day we went on honeymoon, travelling several thousand miles to a hotel in Mauritius (Mmmmm)and guess what was playing as we walked into the Hotel lobby?!!

TheGashlycrumbTinies · 21/11/2008 17:06

I love you (Special Brew) - Bad Manners

We walked back down the aisle to this after we were married!

mumhadenough · 21/11/2008 17:08

Ours is "Something inside so strong" by Labbi Siffre. We had it as first dance at wedding too, its a lovely song.

schneebly · 21/11/2008 17:09

Sunshine on Leith by The Proclaimers.

You may mock but the words are lovely and it was after a proclaimers gig he told me he has going to marry me.

duckyfuzz · 21/11/2008 17:11

fly me to the moon - frank sinatra

on our first date (10 yrs ago next week ) dh's car stereo wasn't working so he sang to me instead

MadameCheese · 21/11/2008 17:13

The theme from "Magic Roundabout" ...

Heated · 21/11/2008 17:18

True Love Ways - Buddy Holly which dh used to sing to me walking back in the darkness to our student digs. Without souding completely demented I hope, it's what I admire most about him, that he's so male but totally secure in his own skin to serenade me & change nappies

VictorianSqualor · 21/11/2008 17:18

Erm, we don't have 'a song' as such, but James Morrison's 'You give me something' has meaning for us.

Me and DS1 have a song though

claireybee · 21/11/2008 17:28

Destiny Zero7

CrushaGrape · 21/11/2008 17:34

Wear It On Your Face. Great song! Makes me want to dance madly around the living room.

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