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anyone know about guitars..can you check this out for me??

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brimfull · 20/11/2008 21:55


it also offers an alternative guitar with steel that better?

tis a present for teenager who wants to teach herself guitar

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brimfull · 20/11/2008 22:11


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brimfull · 20/11/2008 23:43

final bump

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pointydog · 20/11/2008 23:52

dh says, what sort of music does the person want to play? Classivcal guitar will be easier to play at first due to nylon strings but won't sound right for folky rocky stuff. Also, £25 is very cheap for a guitar and itmight not stay in tune very well. Best to get someone who plays to try it first.

Half decent starter guitars woud cost a bit more than that but this might be fine for absulute beginner.

brimfull · 21/11/2008 00:00

OOh thank your dh!!

well not sure about type of music
I presume all sorts but probaly more folky rock stuff

how much would a semi decent one be then ?

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brimfull · 21/11/2008 00:01

it's for dd
she plays flute gr 7 and piano and wants to teach herself guitar

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pointydog · 21/11/2008 17:04

how old is yourdd? Because if younger than 14, you might be better to get a 3/4 size guitar for starters. Then I'll get dh to make some recommendations (seeing as he hangs around in guitar shops - sometimes purchasing - every lunch time )

pointydog · 21/11/2008 17:04

(P.S. I've noticed you metion your dd's name before on a thread and believe it or not, dd1 (12) has the same first name and middle name and she plays the flute)

brimfull · 21/11/2008 19:52

R.M ?? and plays flute wow will tell dd!
she's doing music A level and has suddenly found a real desire to learn more instruments after me offering the idea for yrs

she's 16 nearly 17 but quite diminutive..only 5'3.

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pointydog · 21/11/2008 19:57


will ask dh when he gets in

pointydog · 21/11/2008 20:00

he's out till very late (playing gyitar).

brimfull · 21/11/2008 20:33

is he performign?

OP posts:
pointydog · 21/11/2008 22:54

no, leading a local iformal musicians session

pointydog · 22/11/2008 17:35

ok, ggirl. dh takes this seriously . Here's his advice:

It's quite hard to get a half-decent new steel-stringed guitar for less than £100, although you'd be able to pick up a second hand one. Cheaper guitars usually have issues with staying in tune and don't sound so good, which you really notice once your playing starts to develop.

If possible I'd advise that you try a guitar out before you buy so you can check that it looks and sounds ok - ideally get a guitar player to go along and give their opinion. Acoustic guitars come in all shapes and sizes and for a teenage girl I'd recommend a small-bodied guitar. If at all possible try to get one with a solid spruce top as it will sound a lot better than one with a laminated wood top.

A very good starter guitar is the Vintage V300. It has a solid top, is very good quality for the price and you can pick up a new one for under £100. It even comes in a girly pink and pale blue as well as a natural finish. It really is worth getting a decent instrument like this to start on, especially if your daughter is already a musician.

If you can afford to go up to £150 then there are a lot more good quality instruments available - check out guitars by Yamaha, Tanglewood and Freshman in this price range.

Here's a link to one of many sites online which sell the Vintage V300.

barbarianoftheuniverse · 22/11/2008 17:52

Our local music shop hires out guitars on a rent-for-three-months-and-buy-if-you-like it basis, at the end of the three month period. The cost of the rent being deducted from the cost of the (new) instrument. You might like to check out something like that.

brimfull · 22/11/2008 20:15

pointy-thanks so much,and thank your dh for his great advice.
Really helps to know just a little bit before we tackle the shop.Was really hoping to spend about £50 but may ask gparents to contribute.
Barbarian-good idea will look into it.

there's a guitar shop in our town actually ,just looked on their site and some of them cost thousands.

OP posts:
pointydog · 22/11/2008 20:35

yes, dh is already planning his 50th birthday guitar and it costs £2.5k

barbarianoftheuniverse · 22/11/2008 22:02

In the shop hold the guitar up so that the neck is at eye level and check the clearance between the strings and the frets. Look out for uneven frets ie nearly touching the strings because they are the ones that buzz.

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