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take that

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Tyke1 · 28/10/2008 08:28

take that have announced tour dates for stadium tour in june 09 sunderland cardiff manchester old trafford cricket ground and wembley stadium

OP posts:
Tyke1 · 28/10/2008 08:29

tickets on sale this fri 9am

OP posts:
IllegallyBrunette · 28/10/2008 08:29

Oh crap

IllegallyBrunette · 28/10/2008 08:30

they aren't doing Birmingham NEC

Tyke1 · 28/10/2008 08:32

no just doing stadiums i might have missed scotland but not sure definitly not birmingham

OP posts:
IllegallyBrunette · 28/10/2008 08:33

FGS how unfair is that.

Tyke1 · 28/10/2008 08:37

sorry definitely missed glasgow

OP posts:
IllegallyBrunette · 28/10/2008 08:38

Am just furiously txting my friend as were planing to go to nec.

Tyke1 · 28/10/2008 08:45

right here are the dates 6 june sunderland stadium of light 16 june cardiff millenium stadium 20 june glasgow hampden park 26/27/28 june old trafford cricket ground 3/4 july wembley stadium

OP posts:
IllegallyBrunette · 28/10/2008 09:46

Is old trafford cricket ground a stadium then ??

Tyke1 · 28/10/2008 10:04

not really just a big open air cricket ground not much cover i think so if we have a summer like we have had everybody will get soaked probably

OP posts:
IllegallyBrunette · 28/10/2008 10:16

Just wondering why it is being called a stadium tour when it isn't actually all stadiums then, and therefore no reason why the NEC couldn't of been included.

juicymelon · 29/10/2008 20:32

they are all open air venue's rather than stadium, aparently they chose open air vs indoor due to time of year, supposed summer, heat etc building up inside arena's

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