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Has anyone has success getting hot gig tickets? I want to get Oasis tickets for dh's xmas

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CatMandu · 23/10/2008 00:21

Apparently they go on sale on Friday and I believe they could be sold out within an hour or two. So, I'm not working on Friday and am prepared to sit with the phone on redial, mobile doing the same and anything else. Any advice?

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CatMandu · 23/10/2008 13:15


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CountessDracula · 23/10/2008 13:16

When I need tickets I get everyone in my dept to try
I bribe them

(cream cake for whoever gets through first)

darkpunk · 23/10/2008 13:17

can you order them on-line?

harleyd · 23/10/2008 13:33

ive always found it easier to get them online

darkpunk · 23/10/2008 13:36

yep..deffo..catmandu, just get o/l the minute they go on sale...

good luck.. should be a good night!

aDad · 23/10/2008 13:38

Yep online best bet I find. Try opening a few windows in your browser at once too.

Also have a look at the band's tour schedule and if they haven't got gigs on the next nights, they may be keeping them free to announce more dates at the same venue if the first ones sell out.

So if you dont manage to get tickets for the first nights, check online every few minutes to see if more become available.

CatMandu · 23/10/2008 14:22

Ah ok, I've got it try online via home computer and laptop whilst calling from landline and mobile - I am determinded.

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