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Ideas for playlist needed

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Starmummy · 29/09/2008 08:05

We are having a big party and need ideas for a playlist, something for everyone from the littlies, to the teens, young and carefree, old marrieds, and the rest.

All ideas welcome esp for newer stuff, I've been off in a daydream reminicsing about my youth but I suspect that I need something a bit more upto date if I am not to humiliate myself totally.

OP posts:
Evenstar · 30/09/2008 17:14

Disturbia by Rihanna, Mercy by Duffy, That's Not My Name by the TingTings suggestions from my 16 year old DD. Will let you know if we come up with anything else, how about some 90's dance music to get people bopping eg Rhythm is a Dancer, Ebenezer Goode etc

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