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cauliflowers fluffy cabbages green...

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giraffescantdancethetango · 25/08/2008 16:49

the song is called paintbox i think...anyone have the sheet music for it, or know any books that do?

OP posts:
Nigeela · 25/08/2008 16:56

no but i could hum it.
is it a harvest one? think i remember them singing it at school

MrsBadger · 25/08/2008 17:00

[something else] sweeter than I've ever seen
.. the apples are ripe, the plums are red
the broad beans are sleeping in a blankety bed

I think it's in Come And Praise 2, and the publishers assure me it's in this one.

Blandmum · 25/08/2008 17:04

Beeroots purple and onions bright
all grow steadily day and night
The apples are rip, the plums are red
Broadbeanbs are sleeping in a blankety bead

kennythekangaroo · 25/08/2008 22:57

We use Harlequin (A C Black) at school.

Strawberries sweeter than any I've seen.

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