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Oh good God no

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Gobbledigook · 05/08/2008 17:17

Just flicking through music channels and came across this - new kids on teh block reformed after too many years and the song and video is spectacularly awful.

Watch and cringe!


'I'll never forget, touching your body I was soaking wet' - BLEURGH!

OP posts:
bigknickersbigknockers · 05/08/2008 17:20

They were shite first time round IMO Take That still the kings of comebacks

JackieNo · 05/08/2008 17:23

I think BLEURGH sums it up very well.

Gobbledigook · 05/08/2008 17:24

Isn't it awful - all nasty aging men pretending to be teenagers rubbing themselves up over some fake boobs


OP posts:
JackieNo · 05/08/2008 17:29

And why is the song so obsessed with what the girl's wearing?

NigellaTheOriginal · 05/08/2008 17:32


DorrisMcWhirter · 05/08/2008 17:34

I am gutted.
I loved NKOTB with a passion when I was a teen.
They are now so-so pervy men.
Off to sob

Gobbledigook · 05/08/2008 17:41

Euck - they are minging

OP posts:
lou33 · 05/08/2008 17:45

what a pile of cack

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