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listen to this you'll like it

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southeastastra · 19/07/2008 23:08

you will like this

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southeastastra · 19/07/2008 23:13

or this all you 80s people

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southeastastra · 19/07/2008 23:16

this one def

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southeastastra · 19/07/2008 23:36

a lone voice

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MegBusset · 19/07/2008 23:38

I saw the Furs a couple of years ago, Richard Butler had completely fucked his voice and couldn't hit any of the notes at all, twas very painful! But a great band in their day.

Gobbledigook · 19/07/2008 23:39

No, not my sort of thing. Very annoying and durgy.

southeastastra · 19/07/2008 23:44

link how about this

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