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Just come back from seeing Blondie live in Bristol

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JackieNo · 07/07/2008 00:19

They were fab. I think I may be too old for concerts, but most of the other people there were at least as old as me, so it was fine. Debbie Harry's looking amazing - I know she's had a load of cosmetic surgery, but it looks great. Did all the songs on Parallel Lines, and a ton of other hits too.

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FabioTheWhisperingCat · 07/07/2008 00:20

I heart Blondie.
I knew all the words to Sunday Girl when I was 7.

Lucky you!

JackieNo · 07/07/2008 00:22

They did a very fast version of 'My heart will go on', which made me lol, as it's a song I normally hate. 'Twas very funny .

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FabioTheWhisperingCat · 07/07/2008 00:25

Ah, like the opposite of Travis's brilliant version of Hit Me Britney?

I am going to search for Blondie on YouTube now.

PurpleOne · 07/07/2008 01:31

Grew up with Blondie and Parallel lines.


JackieNo · 07/07/2008 09:43

Can't believe Parallel Lines was 30 years ago.

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