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"Gimme hope, Joanna yeah, hope Joanna, gimme hope Joanna before the morning comes" - Who sings it?

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Alambil · 27/06/2008 13:24

'Cos it's good!

OP posts:
IllegallyBrunette · 27/06/2008 13:25

Thats odd, I could just hear that playing outside.

EffiePerine · 27/06/2008 13:26

Eddy Grant

Pavlovthecat · 27/06/2008 13:26

Eddie grant

chunkychips · 27/06/2008 13:26

eddy grant, he's just been on loose women

WowOoo · 27/06/2008 13:27

Yes, Eddy Grant. Sure he sang Electric Avenue too which is now stuck in my head along with Gimme Hope.......

PestoMonster · 27/06/2008 13:34

He's in the

Telegraph today aswell

Alambil · 27/06/2008 19:04

ah, thanks

OP posts:
donnie · 29/06/2008 13:22

I love Eddie Grant. So swoonsome.

edam · 29/06/2008 13:24

heard on the radio that he's 60. Makes me feel very old. (I am a LOT younger than him but Electric Avenue was in the charts when I was a teenager.)

MaryAnnSingleton · 29/06/2008 13:39

good looking bloke

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