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Coldplay at BBC

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dinny · 18/06/2008 19:58

Gutted, was meant to be there but missed it as have put back out. Thought it was brilliant. Anyone see it?

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niceglasses · 18/06/2008 19:59

yes. Almost despite myself, I liked it. You can't deny their ability to write a tune and deliver it with some enthusiasm. I'm not their biggest fan, but it made me want to buy the lp.

lazarou · 18/06/2008 19:59

Yes, but I feel a slightly uneasy about those high notes. He seems to struggle a bit

dinny · 18/06/2008 20:01

yes, same here, NG

I am a massive fan of some of their stuff, namely The Scientist, Yellow, Talk

other stuff, I hate

I love though

OP posts:
niceglasses · 18/06/2008 20:07

I think they are a very true example of 'build them up to knock them down'. 'Parachutes' was a great album. It wasn't their fault loads of bands copied them - and not very well - Keane, Athlete.

I don't thnink I'd pay to go and see them, but blardy hell, they aren't the worst. They don't deserve the press crucifixtion they get.

dinny · 18/06/2008 20:12

wish he'd cut his hair again

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