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Bon Jovi at Twickers, end of the month

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biscuitsmustbedunkedintea · 15/06/2008 18:39

Anyone else going to see them? And having been a [whispers] massive fan for years, I'm not that excited about going. Is that bad?

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bluefox · 15/06/2008 18:56

Biscuit - Im not seeing them this year. I loved them for years and used to go to loads of their concerts but have stopped. Just kind of went off them a couple of years ago. I realised that I only really liked their earlier stuff. Also it was getting more and more expensive to go as usually needed an overnight stop. I would probably go if they were on locally but wouldnt be as excited about it as I used to be! Is it possible your tastes are changing?

nell12 · 15/06/2008 22:12

I went to see them in Southampton last week... they were fab!
DH and I took ds (12) and he has had to be surgically removed from his new t-shirt.

Now dd (3) knows the chorus to Bad Medicine and was singing it to me in the bath today

biscuitsmustbedunkedintea · 15/06/2008 23:09

Bluefox - We went to see them in Hyde Park a few years back and it was undoubtably the best gig I've ever been to and according to the media, best they have ever played. Seen them once since then in Southampton and was very disappointed. So maybe just having seen them at their best, nothing will ever match up. Apparently though this tour is a lot more of their earlier stuff, is that true nell?

And yes have tried to convert dd but she seems oblivious to the attraction of "raising your hands" . So much for babies liking what was played to them in the womb (I was 6 months gone at their last concert)

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