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*ASICSGIRL* Stereolab here !!

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MaryAnnSingleton · 13/06/2008 13:39

Dh just emailed me this...
stereolab play...

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MaryAnnSingleton · 13/06/2008 13:53


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MaryAnnSingleton · 13/06/2008 14:14


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MaryAnnSingleton · 13/06/2008 21:55


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MaryAnnSingleton · 14/06/2008 09:40


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asicsgirl · 14/06/2008 18:44

oh thanks so sorry i missed this! very thoughtful!

let's play fantasy gig attendance (says the woman with a 5 week old permanently attached to boob)... i fancy athens, ga so i could pay homage to the b-52s at the same time...

MaryAnnSingleton · 14/06/2008 18:50

um, let's see .... well, I think I'd quite like to join you in Georgia ! or Paris, if Stereolab were playing there - ds would have to come too as he is desperate to go 'abroad' and loves music !

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asicsgirl · 14/06/2008 19:06

ooh paris yes, we could try and talk to letitia in french! er... je, er...

but do you think paris crowds might be too cool to clap? like some london gigs i've been to? we do want the full-on grinnin' and moshin' effect i think

MaryAnnSingleton · 14/06/2008 19:07

yes, maybe we should pick a London venue - would be fun for me to return to my home city !

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MaryAnnSingleton · 14/06/2008 19:08

at Shepherd';s Bush Empire peopl e were really going for it is what I m,eant ( ooer,one glass of pinot grigio has an effect on me these days !) What about New York ?

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asicsgirl · 14/06/2008 19:17

new york yeah! we could go to some wiggy free improv gigs too... no, you'll like it, really...

MaryAnnSingleton · 14/06/2008 20:39


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