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Meghalegs, have a FOO-tastic time at Wembley tonight, or tomorrow, as you wish!

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suzywong · 06/06/2008 13:48

Remember to come on here and tell me aaaaaaaaaallll about it

you are going to be one happy sweaty rocking woman.


And tell Dave I said "Hi"

OP posts:
MehgaLegs · 06/06/2008 13:56


Tortington · 06/06/2008 14:00

i really hope you don't get a flat tyre on the way there and i really hope you don't trip up and can't walk for 24 hours and i really hope that dave doesn't cancel becuase he has ran out of cigs.

MehgaLegs · 06/06/2008 14:01

It's tomorrow.

My boys are all miffed because they want to come . Maybe next time. They do love a good mosh to the Foos.

And Supergrass are support - lovely Gaz with his grippers.

MehgaLegs · 06/06/2008 14:03

I'll tell Dave you said hi too custy .

I am looking forward to it but I know it will be different to the O2 when we wre in ches from him when they did the acoustic bit.

Still it should be a good night.

MehgaLegs · 06/06/2008 14:04

that was meant to say "when we were inches from him" but the memory made me come over all peculiar.

2shoes · 06/06/2008 14:53

hope you have a brilliant time

suzywong · 06/06/2008 14:54

he will be super excited to be there, he'll probably get Lemmy to come on stage so they can do Shake Your Blood.


OP posts:
MamaG · 06/06/2008 14:55
MehgaLegs · 06/06/2008 15:05

Rumours abound that Led Zepp are going to play.

bellavita · 06/06/2008 15:13

The chef at the pub where I work went to see them on Monday night - said they were fantastic.

suzywong · 06/06/2008 15:17

oh was that manchester with the Manics supporting?

OP posts:
Tortington · 06/06/2008 15:21

Manics just moan about pollution - hope you get someone brighter than that

bellavita · 06/06/2008 15:22

suzy - yes it was.

suzywong · 06/06/2008 15:26

Supergrass are right chirpy chappies and no mistake

OP posts:
Tortington · 06/06/2008 15:31

yes they have teeth nice and clean

minniedot · 06/06/2008 16:12

Led Zep? You kidding, please don't do this to me!!!!!!!!!!

cheeset · 06/06/2008 16:31

Saw FF's at Virgin last year. My mates wanted to go off and see someone else and I put my foot down and stayed to watch them on my own. I was not dissapointed, they were fab. Have fun!

MehgaLegs · 06/06/2008 20:49

minnie - would Led Zep be a bad thing? Have you seen that You Tube clip of DG and Taylor attempting Stairway to Heaven?

minniedot · 06/06/2008 22:27

Oh no led zep and the foo's in one night would be fantastic, i lurve led zep!

suzywong · 08/06/2008 03:05

bump for mehgalegs so she can gush all about her wonderful experience when she gets up

tell me EVERYTHING!!!!!!

OP posts:
suzywong · 08/06/2008 12:48

I'm waiting ......

OP posts:
MehgaLegs · 09/06/2008 11:17

OMG - I loved it. Was absolutley brilliant apart frpm our seat being behind the stage. Stage revolved, Dave ran about alot and then sang Big Me especially for us "the guys that like to come in the rear entrance."

Had a good view of the moshing sweaty boys, lot's of crowd surfing and lots of squashed people getting pulled out.

Jimmy Page - wow!

DG got all overwhemlmed and tearful at the end.

A great, great night! Want to go again

minniedot · 09/06/2008 14:52

Hi Megha!!

Aaww how fantastic was it! I loved every minute of and felt sad at the end.

That bit when he covered his face with his hands because he'd come over all emotional, omg I had big fat tears in my eyes! Love him.

Taylor was adorable, I LOVE Taylor. We are huge drumming fans in this house, dh and ds are drummers, so we are a bit obsessed with Taylor and Chad Smith.

It was a night to remember indeed. Got back late last night as we'd did lots of touristy things in London so I am shattered.

Tortington · 09/06/2008 14:54

how do you get so close all the time?
have you connections?

MehgaLegs · 09/06/2008 20:13

Not close this time custy, behind the stage in that we ahd shit seats in the west stand.

No queue for beer or loo though so the good/bad karma was restored

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