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when you do links can you name the song you're linking

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southeastastra · 23/05/2008 22:12

cause it gets on me nerves to keep clicking

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SlartyBartFast · 23/05/2008 22:15

is there a particular thread doing this?

southeastastra · 23/05/2008 22:17

no just all the music threads so far

OP posts:
SlartyBartFast · 23/05/2008 22:22

i know wht you mean
try this

ImPinkThereforeImSpam · 23/05/2008 22:24

I had that album!

SlartyBartFast · 23/05/2008 22:24

for you

elkiedee · 23/05/2008 22:26

Yes, I agree with you southeastastra - I can't look at all the links if I'm sneaking on at work and I want to know what music people are talking about even at home.

maidamess · 23/05/2008 22:27

I've just named a song on videos that make you sad. Its a good idea, don't know why we don't do it!

ImPinkThereforeImSpam · 23/05/2008 22:29

I was 9 Slarty! I also had Led Zep I redeemed?

DaDaDa · 23/05/2008 22:29

Listen, The Wombles were great. Honestly! Listen again.

SlartyBartFast · 23/05/2008 22:33

led zep ok you are redeemed, and i linked the song after all

southeastastra · 23/05/2008 22:39

it just takes too much time

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