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have you always liked the same music or changed

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2shoes · 20/05/2008 22:17

I have changed. I think blame ds as now I listen to the stuff he likes.
but I still love the doors

OP posts:
OverMyDeadBody · 21/05/2008 10:25

I'd say my music choices have matured and grown, rather than changed. I like being introduced to new stuff and don't just sticvk with one 'genre' as it where, I like a bit of variety.

harleyd · 21/05/2008 10:33

ive always listened to all sorts
from pavarotti to nepalm death
depends on your mood really doesnt it

OverMyDeadBody · 21/05/2008 10:34

definately depends on my mood.

I do have a bad habit of litening to something to death when I first discover it, and then can't listen to it agian for ages.

cestlavie · 21/05/2008 10:37

I'd say my music tastes (um, thankfully) have broadened as I've got older - I'm certainly more open to new stuff than I was when I was younger...

OMDB: I sooo do that as well. Play a new album to death, ruin it and come back it to a year later!

DeeRiguer · 21/05/2008 10:42

napalm death on mn
love it harley
used to love their gigs..

music taste has broadened from teenage times to take it loads of classical stuff which i love but there are still spaces for thrash metal when needed..

def depends on mood and itunes is fab on the party shuffle for something new or unexpected

i cant abide childrens music and wont have it at all ..the tv is enough
hence ds hums along to frank zappa!

BettySpaghetti · 21/05/2008 10:46

I think my tastes have mellowed quite a bit and become more mainstream but I still tend to dislike the same old chart drivel that I've always hated.

aDad · 21/05/2008 10:50

also like lots of different stuff but

after i got over that initial chart pop phase as an early teen (duran duran etc!)...

then liked indie/punk/goth guitar music really until my late teens. Pretty embarrassed now about the goth side of things

Then a 'hallelujah rave awakening moment' which started maybe almost a decade of electronic music loving until the end of the 90s.

Always loved reggae and dub particularly when the sun's out

Now kind of all sorts, but nothing too thrashy / dark.

Never liked Jazz and (sorry 2shoes / harleyd!) never been too big on metal either.

GrumpyOldHorsewoman · 21/05/2008 11:00

I like so many genres of music, that I don't know really if it has changed. I luuurrve big, loud stuff (Foos, Marilyn Manson and Papa Roach on full volume), but I also love real bluesy stuff and anything guitar-led. What's not to love about Stevie Ray Vaughan? Anyone who's genuinely good at what they do gets my vote, although I have to admit to a penchant for anything just because it sounds good. So in that respect whilst I may have evolved, I don't know that I've actually changed.

Enraha · 21/05/2008 11:02

I used to like hair-metal!

booge · 21/05/2008 11:05

Have found myself turning on radio 3 more frequently as I've got older.

cyteen · 21/05/2008 16:14

My tastes have expanded as I've got older.

Childhood: loved rock, Motown, pop.
Teen years: added indie rock/noisy nonsense/hip hop to that, then got into reggae and electronic music as well at the tail end of my teens
20s: finally admitted to myself that actually country and folk music are not all bad
30s: living with DP, I have learned to love metal, drone rock and all kinds of shit that doesn't even have a name.

Music is amazing, I'll give pretty much anything a go except badly produced tinny R&B/capitalist rap.

DeeRiguer · 21/05/2008 18:02

wtf is hair metal? enraha?

DeeRiguer · 21/05/2008 18:03

love your last line classic!

littlerach · 21/05/2008 18:16

I seem to have reverted to my student taste.
Which was indie mainly.
Went through a rave-y phase late teens, early twenties too.
Back ot indie, guitar stuff now.
Will also admit ot liking Kimya Dawson, which i ofund on ther Juno soundtrack.

On our long drive at the weekend we switched between HSM2 (for dds), Nirvana (always my favourite), The Killers, Foo Fighters.

Enraha · 21/05/2008 19:02

hair metal, ummm, well it's stuff like Whitesnake, Poison, Heart...need I go on?
Soft rock with big perms.


Califrau · 21/05/2008 19:04

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

totalmisfit · 22/05/2008 13:58

to begin with i just listened to my parents old 60's 70's folk and rock stuff.

then at about 11 i started listening to really crap pop.

then when i was 13 a friend's brother got us both into grunge. That year Kurt Cobain died, and so i nailed my colours to the mast musically speaking; it was alternative or nothing from then on.

at about 14 i got into Britpop/Indie stuff. That lasted till i was about 17 when my grungey tastes started to re-emerge in the form of Nu-Metal.

That lasted till I was 19 and at uni - my flatmate got me into Jeff Buckley and I was transfixed...

which led me almost full circle from where i started out listening to my folk's folk music as I then got into Tim Buckley and from him i started listening to Sandy Denny and Fairport convention...

And then at about 24 a friend lent me a Nick Drake album...

Now at 27 I think i now have a soft spot for all the above (with the notable exception of Crap Pop)

southeastastra · 22/05/2008 13:58

changes all the time, that's the joy of it!

Iklboo · 22/05/2008 14:08

Phone call from mum one Sunday morning "Iklboo - this music stall has a Bay City Rollers tape. DO you want me to get it for you?"

Me: "Gods no!"

Mum: "But you used to love the Bay City Rollers!"

Me: "Yes, when I was 5 - I'm thirty-bloody-eight now"

Mum: "So you don't want it then?"

Tastes definitely change - and it depends on my mood too

mumof2teenboys · 22/05/2008 15:43

Used to like metal and rock, still do but like industrial, emo etc.
Never liked hip hop, garage drum n bass or whatever they call it now.

elkiedee · 23/05/2008 22:31

I like nearly everything I liked when I was 14 plus a lot more. Although I still like some of the sound of the Doors though and have their albums on CD, I find some of the songs really silly now. But by 14/15 I was listening to lots of stuff which still sounds good to me

ImPinkThereforeImSpam · 23/05/2008 22:36

People scratch their heads when they look at my record collection! Diverse is the word I'm looking for! I must've been one of the few 14 year olds who had the usual pap (Haircut 100, Duran, Soft Cell) and also had Led Zep, Bob Dylan, some Floyd, Jim Croce, Genesis and Rachmaninov!
I ditched the teen pop!

Marina · 23/05/2008 23:07

I think you do change for the most part. How else will we end up tutting at MTV and calling it all tuneless rubbish?
Some of the really posturing angsty shallow new Romantic/indie stuff I listened to when a student makes me cringe now. Classix Nouveaux FFS
Other things do stand up to repeated listening. I have one Furniture track on my iPod, their LPs are long deleted. God they were a great and underrated band. Japan still cut it 30 years later. The Motels are still worth a listen, despite awful tinny production. And how far ahead of their time were the mighty Kraftwerk?
Cali, I'm afraid I know what you mean about Crowded House and it saddens me as I had Woodface on almost continuously for about five years.
I listen to much more classical stuff now. Early music or 20th century stuff mostly - am a big old serialist at heart. Adams, Reich, Nyman, Bach, Scarlatti, Glass, Monteverdi.

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