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Blue Dot Festival tips needed!

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Bimblesalong · 11/06/2023 18:21

I’m attending the Blue Dot festival at Jodrell Bank next month. Going on a couple of day passes to the Thurs evening opening then as a day attended on one of the weekend dates.

Any tips? Should I pack a picnic? Should I take picnic blanket and tiny folding chairs for the concerts or is it all standing / dancing only?

any tips about how early to arrive at the stages for the acts I’m keenest to see?

first time festival goer if it’s not already obvious!!

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libertine80 · 01/07/2023 11:26

I'm going too and have been pre-pandemic for the day and last year in my 2020 tickets for the weekend. Firstly you can't bring camping chairs in to the festival. Picnic blankets have always worked well for us but this year we have those wind filled sofas too which you can take with you. The one thing about going just for the day is that you can't leave and go back to your car! Might want to check this is still the case but it was in 2019 and last year as we had friends for the day. You will need to take everything in with you that you will need for the day. I just brought a big ikea style bag with food, picnic blankets, waterproofs.

It's a small festival with a lot of different events at the same time. I wouldn't necessarily say you need to get there very early for the bands you want to see. It's not like Glastonbury! Very family friendly though and the Lovell is stunning lit up.

Bimblesalong · 04/07/2023 14:00

That’s really helpful, thanks so much. We are there for the Richter opening concert so hope to ask more questions then of staff.
There’s not a great deal of obvious info on the website, which would have been helpful.
me joy yourself!

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Bimblesalong · 04/07/2023 14:01


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CampervanKween · 23/07/2023 19:19

Did you both go? Wasn't it muddy! I was front row for Roisin Murphy on the Friday night, she was awesome.

Bimblesalong · 23/07/2023 21:18

Thursday was awesome and I was so looking forward to going back today. Then the rain started and I was very worried that we would get stuck in the carpark like others. Sensibly and sadly, blue dot cancelled day ticket attendees today so we couldn’t go. Mud looked appalling.

OP posts:
CampervanKween · 23/07/2023 21:25

Oh was it today you were going to go back? We arrived Friday and it was lovely and sunny and we had a great day and then Saturday we woke up and it was raining so we decided to move our campervan to a campsite up the road because we thought people might start getting stuck in the mud which we did then we went back to the festival for the rest of Saturday and had a great time. Woke up this morning and of course couldn't get back on-site because of the rain so just came home and had a long bath 😁

Absolutely loved the festival despite the mud we had a great time so we will definitely be going back next year. Bit sad about missing Grace Jones.

libertine80 · 29/07/2023 19:27

Unfortunately we were in no position to leave early and ended up staying the whole weekend being pulled out of the car park on Monday. It was a horrible experience - the kids aged 11, 10 and 7 loved it and I'm glad we didn't have a toddler but it was miserable and so so muddy. It's definitely put me off festivals for now (and I've been going to festivals since 1994!)

Bimblesalong · 29/07/2023 20:59

Sorry to hear that, Libertine. Must say, my camping days are probably over but I would do a decent van or caravan. Not in that mud tho, looked awful.
Hope next year is better weather. This summer has been a washout.

OP posts:
CampervanKween · 31/07/2023 08:18

We are going to book for next year as soon as tickets are available

Despite the mud, we had the best time. But agree there is no way I could do it in a tent. The campervan gives the required level of comfort and warmth for me. I'd have been miserable in a tent.

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