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5 year old girls party playlist.

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icypompoms · 30/03/2023 19:20

I've exhausted my musical knowledge with Taylor Swift's Shake it up. Can anyone help with song suggestions please?

Girls party all kids aged 5.

OP posts:
swedex · 30/03/2023 19:22

Have you got Spotify? If so just search kids party and it'll come up with the ones you need... failing that think kids films encanto, sing 1 and 2 etc!

embarrassed23 · 30/03/2023 19:22

I just looked up 'kids party playlist' on Amazon music and there were a couple of playlists with some good songs on. Too many to type out! I'm sure Spotify would have the same x

embarrassed23 · 30/03/2023 19:23

Top of playlist below

5 year old girls party playlist.
NonJeNeRegretteRien · 30/03/2023 19:27

Anything from the trolls soundtrack
s club 7 songs
Look at Kids Bop on Spotify - all kid friendly versions of well known hits.

icypompoms · 30/03/2023 19:28

Great thank you!!' I'm enlightened

OP posts:
Willowtre1 · 30/03/2023 19:28

Defo find party play list in Amazon/Spotify

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