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Which guitar?

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overripebanana · 16/05/2019 12:36

Could anyone please advise about which guitar to buy for a learner? I've found a Stretton Payne package on Amazon for £64.99 (nylon string 3/4 acoustic, case and tuner) but didn't know if it was the right thing to buy. Is this any good for a 6 year old?
Thank you.

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Hollowvictory · 16/05/2019 12:37

What size?

overripebanana · 16/05/2019 12:42

Hi, it's a 3/4. Thank you.

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RaiderOfTheKitchenCupboard · 17/05/2019 22:37

Nylon string classical guitar is a good bet, I’d think a 3/4 size might be a little big for a 6 yr old though. Maybe look for a 1/2 size.

(I have a travel acoustic, which is approx 3/4 size and it’s a bit big for my recently turned 6yr old to hold comfortably.)

overripebanana · 18/05/2019 23:49

Thanks very much.

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