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Best brand of guitar for a beginner?

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MrsWembley · 12/09/2018 20:54

Looking at second hand, so price is less of an issue. What should I be looking at?

I thought Fender were good until DP said that he'd heard they make cheap stuff too.

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KingIrving · 12/09/2018 21:25

My son started with a Yamaha acoustic and his tutor always commented on how good it was

MrsWembley · 12/09/2018 22:57

Ooh, hadn't even thought of Yamaha!

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Littlelambpeep · 12/09/2018 22:59

I was taught on a Yamaha (one for beginners- strings closer together)

KingIrving · 13/09/2018 03:08

The only brand I was told to avoid by the school band director was Ashton.

MrsWembley · 13/09/2018 14:12

Anybody heard of Tanglewood?

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TheLittleFoxes · 15/09/2018 13:38

DS (9) has a Tanglewood - it was about £130. It has a nice tone to it. He started with a bottom of the range Redwood when he was 6.

MrsWembley · 16/09/2018 19:33


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MrsWembley · 16/09/2018 20:02

Ok, now looking at basses - what can anyone tell me about Ibanez?

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