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Music for my party

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mckenzie · 01/11/2015 07:30

I'm having a big birthday party next month and have hired a band who are doing two sets but I need to organise some music for in between.

I'm a total novice; please tell me how to do it?
The band have aid I can use their sound system so I'm guessing I download music to my I pad and plug it into their system but that's where I come to a full stop.

Do I need to download all the tracks I'd like to play to my I pad in the order I'd like to play them?
Can I Download somehow CDs that I own or is it easier to download individual tracks from the web?

TIA Grin

OP posts:
00100001 · 01/11/2015 08:12

just makee a playlist

Hassled · 01/11/2015 08:15

It's certainly cheaper to burn your CDs - iTunes will identify what they are - but it's a bit of a faff. If you do want them in a specific order then yes, just drag tracks across into the Playlist you've created in that specific order, and make sure Shuffle is off.

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