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Folk recommendations please

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JesusIsComingLookBusy · 08/04/2015 20:29

I'm finding myself being drawn more and more towards folk music - I grew up in a small town which has an annual folk festival and it reminds me so much of the lovely times I spent there. i currently enjoy Nick Drake, John Martyn, Ivor Cutler and the songs from Bagpuss! Can you recommend any other artists I might enjoy / and or recommend radio programmes/ London based festivals etc. TIA Smile

OP posts:
Ferguson · 08/04/2015 23:09

Martin Carthy, and the late Rory McEwen - doesn't come any better!

Not really 'folk' though he used to play in folk clubs in the '70s, Pete Atkin (music), Clive James (words):

and Hillside Music are doing CDs for £5; The best introduction is Live in Australia, double CD of their 2003 tour.

And if you like good tunes, and incredible words, try the late Dory Previn (second wife of Andre Previn):

Maestro · 08/04/2015 23:19

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EugenesAxe · 08/04/2015 23:27

I never really know what constitutes the different genres. You might like to try Sufjan Stevens, Elliot Smith (don't think he is folk, but he kind of makes me feel a similar way), and that fit bloke from the West Country. Hang on I'll google... Seth Lakeman; that's right.

Love too, perhaps? They are a bit folky to my mind.

The Cambridge Folk Festival is obviously a good one; not too bad from London.

TrollTheRespawnJeremy · 08/04/2015 23:28

The imagined village. Lovely folk collective.

VivaLeBeaver · 08/04/2015 23:31

Johnny Flynn
Laura marling
Of monsters and men
Emmy the great
The Paperkites

VivaLeBeaver · 08/04/2015 23:31

That's all more modern "nu folk" stuff which I love.

Haggisfish · 08/04/2015 23:34

Julie fowlis-gorgeous Gaelic singer.

ouryve · 08/04/2015 23:36

"folk" does seem to be quite wide and surprising. Mark Radcliffe does a show at 7pm, once evening, on Radio 2, which may help to expose you to new stuff. BBC radio 6 music is also quite Folk rich. Much of the stuff mentioned b Viva. They had an evening curated by the UnThanks on Good Friday. I was a bit unsure beforehand, but half of it ended up being The Smiths!

FaFoutis · 08/04/2015 23:47

The BBC folk awards CD are useful for finding new folk bands, good for choosing bands to go and see. Recently been to see Seth Lakeman, Sean Lakeman & Kathryn Roberts, Harry Bird, Green Rock River Band, Blackbeard's Tea Party & Bellowhead.

The bagpuss music - I have a CD called 'gather in the mushrooms' which is wierd underground folk from the 70s. The DC are scared of it.

miserableatwork · 08/04/2015 23:47

I went to see the peatbog faeries last year and they were unbelievable!!!

mawbroon · 08/04/2015 23:48

Yes, what exactly do you mean by folk? Singing? Instrumental? English music? Scottish? Irish? There is do much out there that comes into the folk category!

Duncan Chisholm is one of my faves Grin

pickledparsnip · 08/04/2015 23:52

Sam Lee.

pickledparsnip · 08/04/2015 23:52

Ooh and Malinky.

iamEarthymama · 09/04/2015 00:26

I love folk, nu folk, old folk any folk!

Transatlantic Sessions, collaborations between Noth American and British artistes celebrating their shared roots and diverse cultures and trends are brilliant for finding new artists and celebrating the greats in the field.

DW love Julie Fowlis, Karin Polwart, Ohooley and Tidow, indigo girls, Thea Gilmore, Natalie Metchant, Teddy Thompson, lots more.

My fave at the moment is Sarah Jaroscz; bluegrass roots, incredible talent.
We saw her last year with the two guys in the video, a brilliant performance.


JesusIsComingLookBusy · 09/04/2015 07:35

Oh what a lovely treat - I've woken up to a whole list of lovely music to explore! Thank you all so much GrinGrinFlowers

OP posts:
Bakeoffcake · 09/04/2015 07:43

The Rails are great, (the lead singer is the dd of Richard and Linda Thomson-folk Royalty!)

They're up for awards at the Radio 2 folk awards.

iamEarthymama · 09/04/2015 09:32

Can I echo your thanks! Lots of new names!

Readingwritingandarithmetic · 10/04/2015 21:55

Kate Rusby is amazing, she tours a lot and her gigs are a delight!

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