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Love Sibelius and Elgar. Like Greig and Tchaikovsky what else?

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morchoxplz · 26/04/2014 21:02

Just that really. After 20+ years of Indie/rock I'm reverting to the music I had the privilege of being introduced to as a child.
The Brahms thread below interested me so may try a bit of what else would I like?

OP posts:
joanofarchitrave · 26/04/2014 21:05

Gavin Bryars - try his classic Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet?

borisgudanov · 29/04/2014 22:10

Those are four very different composers from about similar periods almost. Nothing else really resembles Sibelius.

Brahms. Symphony no 1 in C minor; and no 4 in E minor.
Vaughan Williams. Symphony no 4 in F minor. A composer I generally detest but this blew my socks off.
Mahler. Symphony no 5 in F sharp minor.

Oh dear, all profound minor mode works. Then also

Dvorak. Symphony no 8 in G.
Mussorgsky. Pictures at an Exhibition.
Borodin. In the Steppes of Central Asia is often played but I like the Symphony no 2 in B minor.

Don't neglect the lesser piano concertos of Tchaikovsky. No 2 in G is great fun, but not "profound" in the sense of no 1.

SweetestThing · 29/04/2014 22:14

Prokofiev - the Classical Symphony; fantastic
Shostakovich - 5th symphony is wonderful

SweetestThing · 29/04/2014 22:14

Oh, and Mahler.

Tried Mozart?

Maestro · 01/05/2014 21:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ferguson · 20/05/2014 19:41

And I hope you all saw the recent BBC4 Young Musician series; if not, I'm sure it must be available on 'catch up'.

This Friday is the Jazz portion, a new innovation this year.

I'll try and come back with other suggestions sometime.

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