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Where to buy Demi Lovato tickets??

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nativityhelp · 08/04/2014 19:51

DD2 (14) has just told me she HAS to have tickets for Demi Lovato's one off London gig this summer. From what I can gather there will be a ticket buying frenzy. DD is a huge DL fan and works very, very hard at school and I would love to be able to reward her with tickets if I possibly can, so how and where do I go about finding them? As far as I can gather they go on sale on the 11th of April but I've no idea where!

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Cocolepew · 08/04/2014 19:56

Ticketmaster will be seling them from 10 am on the day. If you register I think you can enter your card details now which makes it quicker or you'll have about 5 minutes to enter your details.

I only had a quick look so check I have the timing right.
Good luck!

imnottoofussed · 08/04/2014 20:01

Is this the gig? It mentions pre sale tickets but not sure where you would get them. Normally they would be through the fan club if she has one.

imnottoofussed · 08/04/2014 20:03

VIP packages appear to be on sale now

Sorry not sure how to do proper links on phone

Cocolepew · 08/04/2014 20:03
nativityhelp · 08/04/2014 20:13

Aha! Thank you all very much indeed.

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