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DD wants a ukelele for Christmas - any advice please?

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GrimmaTheNome · 18/11/2012 20:20

She's 13, and they use ukes in school music lessons.
I know nothing about them.... having had a brief look on the net I assume that I should be looking at soprano. There seems to be a vast range of prices - are the cheap (

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charllie · 18/11/2012 20:23

My DD has had one since she was 3 and loves. If you have a local musical instrument shop near you, go in and have a chat, they're a great help :)

PseudoBadger · 18/11/2012 20:27

My 33 year old friend has just started having lessons so that she can play along with her children when they sing. She's never played an instrument and doesn't read music, and she's really loving it! I know that's not really applicable to your DD (sorry!) but her enthusiasm has been so infectious that I had to share it :o

Durab · 18/11/2012 20:49

Lidl has one in this week here . I know nothing about music, but if it's like the rest of their specials, it will be excellent quality for the money

cockneydad · 18/11/2012 20:53

I play guitar and uke (20+ years) - I would spend 40-60 quid rather than 20,but not more than this, then you will get you something decent. Soprano is the size most people start with.

GrimmaTheNome · 18/11/2012 22:31

I'd never have thought of Lidl ... no idea how to judge a uke but looking at the next item (yamaha keyboard) that looks like good beginner item for lower price than anywhere else

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TravelinColour · 18/11/2012 22:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GrimmaTheNome · 26/11/2012 20:33

OK, I think I've found one that looks OK (she wanted wood not coloured - I rather liked the Union Jack one!) so now need a beginners guide/chord book/song book or whatever... any particularly good ones?

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