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Glasto 2013 ticket registration questions

5 replies

Cheriefroufrou · 08/07/2012 21:09

do you not need to mention children at all?

does each adult need to register separately? or can one person register for 2 adult tickets, how does it work as a family if you need to go together? can you link your applications?

(going as a family of 4)


OP posts:
BoerWarKids · 20/08/2012 19:11

I'm not sure about children, but every adult has to register themselves.

I'm registering now for next year - will be my first time!

BoerWarKids · 20/08/2012 19:14

With the photo do you know if it actually has to be a passport photo? Wondering if I can just take my own with iPhone against a white wall :)

PrincessOfChina · 20/08/2012 19:20

We took ours against the living room wall a few years ago.

Pre-DD though so I don't know if they have to be registered. I thought they needed a ticket though, albeit free. Something to do with fire restrictions?

VivaLeBeaver · 20/08/2012 19:23

Kids do need tickets even if they're free. I read that somewhere ages ago, never taken dd.

RillaBlythe · 20/08/2012 19:23

What's the story with your name, BoerWarKids?

Also seeking the answer to the children question.

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