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I have a bit of classical music running through my head. How on earth do I find out what it is?

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SilentBoob · 14/01/2012 15:44

All I can tell you is that it is very calming and watery. I heard it done on a violin this morning, but am sure have heard a woman singing it.

There's a phrase in it that goes like a waterfall from high to low, sometimes on 4 notes and sometimes on 7. I think.


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BCBG · 14/01/2012 15:47

Was it on the radio?
if so you might be able to find it online on the station playlist?

toddlerama · 14/01/2012 15:49

Download the shazam or soundhound app on iphone and sing it to the phone. I do this all the time.

SilentBoob · 14/01/2012 15:52

No, it was someone's ringtone!

Will investigate shazam & soundhound.

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MortenHasNiceShirts · 15/01/2012 01:48

At a guess, is this it?

SilentBoob · 16/01/2012 15:51

No it wasn't that. It goes

Ahh ahh ahh ahh ooooooooh from high to low, but not straight down the scale.

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