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Have you ever bought an album, on the basis of one single...

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Raahh · 22/07/2011 10:06

...and it has been utter tosh?

Years ago, purely because i liked the single 'Kiss Me' i got the album by Sixpence none the Richer'Hmm. Not only was the entire album awful, they also ruined 'Don't dream it's over ' by Crowded House . I played it once.

There must be many more (more credibleGrin) examples.

I am also guilty of still buying albums by long favourite artists, even though they are well past their prime. I feel obligedGrin- ergo I purchased Depeche Mode's last cd, on the basis of thinking 'Wrong' was ok. Sorry, Dave, it was a painful listen. maybe I am just getting oldGrin

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bagelmonkey · 22/07/2011 14:52

Yes! I got the plain white tees album based on liking a single and found the rest of it really boring. I've done it before too, but didn't learn my lesson.

HedleyLamarr · 22/07/2011 14:54

Not as the result of hearing a single, but as the result of hearing a track on John Peels show I have bought loads of albums, ranging from the unlistenable Terrorizer (other than one good song), through almost perfect pop (Pizzicato Five), satirical (Half Man Half Biscuit) to Grindcore (Carcass). I learned to have a pen and paper nearby when listening to Peel to write down the artiste, name of album and record label of anything I really liked. I don't think I've actually bought any new music since he died in 2004. Peel just played whatever he happened to like, which is why he was so popular. Well, to me anyway.
That sounded better in my head! Grin

HedleyLamarr · 22/07/2011 14:56

Nor did I answer your question. Blush The Terrorizer album. I heard one song, which was really good (if you like that sort of thing), bought the album, listened to it once and used it as an ashtray. It was unremittingly shit. Other than one song, which I had on a compilation.

Hassled · 22/07/2011 14:58

Loads of times. Most recent being that Plan B one on the basis I liked his "oh oh oh oh ooohhh" one. Rest of the album is shite. I don't learn though.

Raahh · 22/07/2011 18:58

i also remember buying Radiohead's 'Pablo Honey', purely on the basis of 'Creep'. Can't say the rest of the album lived up to it. It took me years to appreciate it, really.

I used to work in a record shop, so my other sin was buying things we had played to death in the shop (i'm looking at YOU 'Parklife' by Blur), and then NEVER, EVER playing them at home!!

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Raahh · 22/07/2011 19:01

I also used to listen to John Peel too- and vividlly remember his festive 50 in 1989- The Sundays 'Can't be Sure' was number 3. The following month I bought their debut album- still one of my favourites, so maybe that cancels out my dodgy purchases!

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Raahh · 22/07/2011 19:02

And Hassled- I find plan b really wierd- he just doesn't look the way he sounds iyswim?

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HedleyLamarr · 22/07/2011 21:52

Raahh I used to tape the Festive 50 from about 1980 till 1987 or 8.

Raahh · 22/07/2011 22:06

I loved John Peel

(and illegally taping stuf- though in my defence, I didn't realise it was illegal. What were all those blank tapes for otherwise??!Grin)

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