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Well done Laura Marling & Mumford & Sons

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IntergalacticHussy · 16/02/2011 09:26

You've done us not-so-old folky types proud Smile

Best album and best British female artist at the Brits is pretty good going.

Not that i buy into any of that award ceremony stuff, but it's nice to see the great british public is finally cottoning on to folk music again Grin

OP posts:
sfxmum · 16/02/2011 09:28

albeit light posh folk type but hey it is having a moment, might lead to good things

Dropdeadfred · 16/02/2011 09:30

Apparently, so I'm told by staunch 'folky' - neither of those to artists are folk

IntergalacticHussy · 16/02/2011 09:30

true. that's what i hope too, really, that we'll get a proper folk revival out of it, with some really political stuff, hopefully.

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IntergalacticHussy · 16/02/2011 09:32

Dropdeadfred i think folk has always been at war with itself over what qualifies and what doesn't. I'm more of a 60's folk revival fan meself (much too young to be into that stuff really, i blame my parents)

OP posts:
sfxmum · 16/02/2011 09:34

listen to Lau and Bellowhead and then go for the classics Grin

IntergalacticHussy · 16/02/2011 09:37

oh, i like Bellowhead; saw them last NYE at the southbank centre. Lau i'll have to google.

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DuplicitousBitch · 16/02/2011 09:39

mumford and sons were hilarious last night. like eton doing an am dram production of the dukes of hazard

IntergalacticHussy · 16/02/2011 09:40

listening on Spotify. his voice is lovely

OP posts:
IntergalacticHussy · 16/02/2011 09:41

to Lau i mean.

OP posts:
VivaLeBeaver · 16/02/2011 09:41

They are my 2 favourite artists. I saw them both at Blissfields in 2009 and they were both fab. Have seen Laura on tour since and she is truely amazing. Guess she'll be better known now as most people I know still haven't heard of her.

Dropdeadfred · 16/02/2011 09:42

I love Mumford & sons Grin

IntergalacticHussy · 16/02/2011 09:43

i'd like to see her live; we nearly did last summer at a festival but had to go home early cos of putrid loos and kids who wouldn't sleep...

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noddyholder · 16/02/2011 09:43

Mumford and sons were in the house next door to us playing on the album the guys there were recording!They came round (the neighbour)to say they would be having a studio set up for 3 days and they wouldn't be too loud but Mumford and sons were playing and they were so excited.They must have thought we were v strange as we didn't really comment and just said ok not too noisy boys Grin.Was pretty surprised to see tehm winning brits!

DuplicitousBitch · 16/02/2011 09:44

there was a fab program on last night about the shetland folk festival. it looks seriously rock and roll!

sfxmum · 16/02/2011 09:44

intergatic just for


DuplicitousBitch · 16/02/2011 09:55

no sleep till yell

noddy were they dressed like ironic yokels?

noddyholder · 16/02/2011 10:00

Yes! The guys next door are like Mumford and sons sons! Also look out for a band called Nimmo and the gauntlet.Apparently going to be huge and lovely lovely people

IntergalacticHussy · 16/02/2011 10:28

why was this only broadcast on BBC2 in Scotland? so not fair!

OP posts:
IntergalacticHussy · 16/02/2011 10:35

so gloriously uncool too

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