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Piano Lessons

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nonsensename35 · 02/02/2011 16:35

Can anyone recommend a piano teacher(s) for a four-year old, and her mother?

OP posts:
LIZS · 02/02/2011 16:36

I think you need to be specific about area . 4 is quite young.

bubblewrapped · 05/02/2011 01:59

I started learning at 4. I would say its the ideal age.

UptoapointLordCopper · 05/02/2011 12:17

I started teaching DS2 at 4.2. It's great fun. But you need someone who understands 4yos. (Not impossible, I'm sure. Wink)

AnyFuleKno · 05/02/2011 12:29

have you looked into suzuki method? that is specifically aimed at younger children. Don't have the link to hand but there is a list of suzuki qualified teachers available online.

UptoapointLordCopper · 05/02/2011 12:43

I do a mix of suzuki and "traditional". I agree you should look into suzuki. Being able to play a tune from the start gets 'em going! I was surprised how DS2 could play what I thought was a rather complicated rhythm from the first suzuki piece. If you learn together it will be even more fun.

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