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Absolute 80's - radio station. BRILLIANT!

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LittlePushka · 07/01/2011 00:33

For those of you on the wrong side of forty (like er, mam, obviously...) I recently came across a radio station called Absolute 80's. It is channel 0200 on Sky.

It will take years off you and tragically you will know ALL the words to ALL to songs and probably secretly know the B sides too.

Anybody else listen to it and reminisce about leg warmers (first time round) ra-ra- skirts, shoulder pads, big(no, massive) hair and wispy plaits and make up you wore all over your face, asymmetrically....

Oh yes the whole decade is in there. I am remembering an outfit i wore for every record. its great!

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upahill · 10/01/2011 13:34

I'm a Planet Rock girl myself! Alice Cooper is fab as a DJ!

BikeRunSki · 10/01/2011 13:39

I love them both, but I am 40 and have the same name as a PR DJ! DS's "Nutty boys" dancing to Madness is hilarious. He spot on and is only 2!

LittlePushka · 12/01/2011 23:04

Smiling at two year old doing the nutty walk!! My two year old puts sunglasses on and plays the sax - sounds like we got ourselves a boy band BikeRunSki. Grin

OP posts:
upahill · 13/01/2011 08:55

Bikerunski...... Are you Liz Barnes, Alice Cooper or Joe Bonamassa?? Grin

Notalone · 13/01/2011 09:21

I love Absolute 90's which was my era. Nothing makes me smile more than hearing Guns N Roses, Metallica, Nirvana etc on the radio.

LittlePushka · 14/01/2011 00:00

Oh I like a bit of early 90's too (Blur/Pulp/Stone Roses) but then I fell out of the loop...and with music i think the first cuts are the deepest and the music you "grew up to" are much harder to shake off.

just heard a very early 80's track...and it places me in a changing room trying on a ra ra skirt with braces and matching polka dot puff sleeve blouse with ruff collar and bow tie, all in mint green and white....God I looked gorgeous!!Grin,

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