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10 years ago Kirsty MacColl was killed

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elkiedee · 18/12/2010 23:38

On 18 December 2000 Kirsty MacColl was killed while on holiday. She was swimming with her sons in an area set aside for that purpose when a speedboat which shouldn't have been there came hurtling towards them. She managed to get her boys out of the way but died almost immediately herself.

I loved her songs and still do.

RIP Kirsty MacColl.

OP posts:
nightmarebeforechristmas · 18/12/2010 23:39
catsinthejinglebelfry · 18/12/2010 23:41

RIP Kirsty

There is quite a bit coming up on Radio 2 about her. Her songs and voice were so beautiful.

arentfanny · 18/12/2010 23:46

Was it really that long ago Sad

her music was and still is amazing and a fantatsic but sad legacy for her children.

fannybaws · 18/12/2010 23:56

I had a teery evening on youtube recently listening to some of her brilliant songs.
What a talent she was.

PricklyTinsel · 18/12/2010 23:57

Good post - she was amazing, with a great voice, and will live on though her music.
Can't believe it's 10 years.

MissAnthropy · 19/12/2010 10:40

10 years. Sad

What a wonderful singer.

Effjay · 26/12/2010 20:45

Oh, I miss her (though didn't know her, of course, only through her music). It was utterly, utterly tragic and her poor boys ... but what a legacy of music she left.

southeastastra · 26/12/2010 20:47

was so shocking, i really loved her records and had most of them :(

IAmReallyFabNow · 26/12/2010 20:47

I can't believe it has been 10 years.

Goodness, I was pregnant with dc1. I now have 3 children. We lived somewhere else and had less animals.

Jellykat · 26/12/2010 21:14

The bloke who was driving the speedboat was never done for it was he? I believe the campaign 'justice for Kirsty' was wound up eventually..

The whole situation was so truly tragic Sad..

My brother worked for her,and said she was a really lovely,kind lady..

Beveridge · 26/12/2010 21:19

I only found out months later while on a Magic Bus going round New Zealand. Someone mentioned it and half the bus went "what?!" -hadn't heard about it overseas. Couldn't believe it. Sad

southeastastra · 26/12/2010 21:22

\link{\free world kirsty song}

Pantofino · 26/12/2010 21:25

10 years! Sad RIP Kirsty.

MollieO · 26/12/2010 21:26

From memory the person driving the boat was an employee of the boat owner who was very wealthy and managed to avoid prosecution himself. No justice at all for Kirsty's family.

southeastastra · 26/12/2010 21:26

\link{\i could show you if you want to..}

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