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Iron Maiden

11 replies

LetThereBeRock · 21/11/2010 13:11

Anyone else going to see them on their UK tour next year? I've just booked tickets.

OP posts:
JebusBuiltMyHotQuads · 21/11/2010 14:08

Oh enjoy! They are most excellent live Grin

blushingm · 21/11/2010 16:17

dh desperayely wants to go - i am not so keep. Depends on money though

upahill · 21/11/2010 22:40

Oh Iron Maiden are great.
I've seen them loads and would love to see them again.

I've long had a crush on Brucie and he is still fit!!!!

2shoes · 21/11/2010 22:42

I want to(and I am not even a fan) but sadly ds is over them

harleyd · 24/11/2010 15:05

me Grin im going!!

LollipopViolet · 20/02/2011 13:12

I saw them at Sonisphere 2010.

AMAZING! Would love to see them in an arena where the acoustics will be a hell of a lot better than outdoors!

upahill · 21/02/2011 18:02

I'll get my tickets this week

I've seen Maiden loads of times over the years and they are just fantastic!!!

(and I love Bruce!)

Bucharest · 21/02/2011 18:04

I saw them in 1984 the week before I went off to university for the first time.

Happy days.

DartsRus · 27/02/2011 20:17

Long time Maiden fan here. Sadly no tickets this time. But it made for a fabulous 18th Birthday, when I saw them in the 1980s

GalacticHero · 29/03/2011 12:43

ACES HIGH>>>>>>>>>!!!

superv1xen · 23/04/2011 10:31

me and DH are seeing them on july 31st in birmingham!! i can't wait!

i have seen them LOADS of times over the years but not since 2006 on their last album tour. i LOVE bruce and really fancy him Blush

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