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Please direct me to a website where I can hear the CD before I buy it?

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meltedmarsbars · 21/10/2010 22:14

Amazon don't always to the "listen" thing for all CDs, I don't really know where else to look.

Any suggestions?

OP posts:
Meglet · 21/10/2010 22:16

I have a feeling that Spotify does this.

IMoveTheStars · 21/10/2010 22:18

which CD? ITunes usually has a listen function..

BeccaandEvie · 21/10/2010 22:22

Id suggest Itunes as well as a snippet is available for each song.

yousaidit · 21/10/2010 22:22

hmv site, when you select the cd and look on the trak listing it usually has little symbol next to it where you can click on the track. or look up the tracks on you tube?

meltedmarsbars · 21/10/2010 22:41

I'm a computer laggard - don't have an ipod or itunes or whatever they are! Blush

Yousaidit - I do the Youtube thing but we are so rural our broadband is crap and keeps stopping and dropping out!

Maybe I should try Spotify - how does it work?

OP posts:
blushingm · 23/10/2010 13:13


upahill · 23/10/2010 15:46

I love Lastfm!!

MollygoreR · 23/10/2010 15:49


meltedmarsbars · 23/10/2010 16:32

Have logged onto Spotify! Smile

OP posts:
gallicgirl · 07/11/2010 14:47

Spotify all the way :)

Sandymuso · 13/11/2010 11:16

We use Spotify most to find good recordings to recommend on our piano teaching and learning website, www.e-musicmaestro

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