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need obscure music score

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Lucifera · 06/10/2010 10:06

I posted this in Culture Vultures too. I need a copy of Frank Bridge's Berceuse, op H9 for soprano and piano, can't find it anywhere (online, Amazon, libraries, etc) apart from in quite expensive all-Bridge collection which I'm loth to buy as I'm unlikely to need the rest of it. Has anyone got it and prepared to lend or sell? Happy to pay postage of course.

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scruffymomma · 06/10/2010 10:25

Have you searched the international sheet music library?

Lucifera · 06/10/2010 11:21

yes I have scruffymomma, I've searched several online sheet music libraries! Thanks for the suggestion tho'.

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Katisha · 06/10/2010 11:25

Is this any good? It's not free.
Bridge will still be in copyright I imagine.

Katisha · 06/10/2010 11:33

Acually I'm not convinced that's vocal - hard to see.

Lucifera · 06/10/2010 14:02

hey thanks Katisha, it might be the vocal score, or it might be the Berceuse he wrote for viola and something - I just signed up to join the site but because I haven't got any sheets to share I can't download this! Do members upload scores as pdfs? How does this work re copyright issues?

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Katisha · 06/10/2010 14:07

No idea I'm afraid. On looking further it looks as if it may be a cello version - right at the bottom of the page.

Katisha · 06/10/2010 14:10

What do you need it for, if I can ask?

Katisha · 06/10/2010 14:10

What do you need it for, if I can ask?

Katisha · 06/10/2010 14:10


Lucifera · 06/10/2010 14:51

sorry to disappear - I found that it was possible to pay for downloads but then came unstuck trying to do a bank transfer because my **ing bank card reader wouldn't work - or the bank website didn't - am thoroughly cross now.
I need it for my singing class. We've each been allocated a lullaby to learn for after half-term.

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Katisha · 06/10/2010 15:12

Did you teacher realise it was so hard to get hold of??

(I have sent you a message.)

Lucifera · 06/10/2010 15:17

I told him last night but he basically said, keep trying. Thanks for your message, have replied.

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defyingravity · 06/10/2010 15:17

HAve you tried contacting a library close to a music college. Birmingham Library for example used to order in obscure music for the Conservatoire students.

Lucifera · 06/10/2010 15:48

I asked at the Barbican library which is next to Guildhall school of music but they hadn't got it and didn't offer to order. I didn't say I was a student - tho' I suppose I am in a way.

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defyingravity · 06/10/2010 18:53

Gosh, if they havn't got it then I really don't know who would.

Lucifera · 07/10/2010 12:28

yes - obscure indeed! I can only find one recording that includes it too! It's probably terrible .....

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sweetdeceiving · 10/10/2010 01:39

I don't have a copy of this partcular song, but I have previously managed to get hold of other out-of-print Frank Bridge sop songs at Boosey & Hawkes in London.

It was a few years ago but I seem to remember they have an archive of out-of-print stuff and will provide a photocopy for a fee (presumably to cover Rights etc)...they may not still do it, but perhaps worth a try? Smile

Lucifera · 13/10/2010 13:33

thanks sweetdeceiving, I now have a copy thanks to a v kind MNer. Good suggestion and I will bear in mind for the future.

OP posts:
sweetdeceiving · 13/10/2010 15:56

Hi, so pleased this worked out - was worrying I'd sent you on a wild goose chase!

Hope you enjoy learning the song - I love Frank Bridge.

Lucifera · 14/10/2010 10:45

sd I started trying to learn it last night, finding it difficult but it is lovely. Not that familiar with Bridge generally but looking at his list of work had hilarious memories of singing The Graceful Swaying Wattle at school!

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