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Long shot - trying to 'buy' "Questions" by Marcia Griffiths

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Pan · 17/09/2010 17:43

Marcia is one of the I-trees who backed up The Wailers, along with Rita Marley and Judy Mowatt.

I am an old reggae nut and am trying to get hold of "Question". I-tunes doesn't have it, nor amazon. It is from 1978 and it is playable on Youtube.

Would anyone know where else I can download a copy that will play via i-tunes??

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Pan · 19/09/2010 14:32


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Pan · 19/09/2010 20:56

is there a world record for the number of bumps with no response whatsoever? Of course answering that has a consequence.....

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said · 19/09/2010 21:03

It seems to be on here but might not be the right version/legal? Anyway, I just googled 'marcia griffiths questions download' and a lot of choices came up

Pan · 19/09/2010 21:16

thanks said, but it isn't on that link - tho' hundreds of hers are!
It, and all of the others look like file-sharers which is what I am trying to avoid. I did a bit of lime-wireing a couple of years ago but a lot of them don't get recognised in itunes - am wishing MG to not go that way.

anyone know of a legit source?

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upahill · 23/09/2010 09:48

Why don't you transfer it from youtube to your iPod?

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