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Right is anyone seeing Muse at Wembley...?

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Valpollicella · 08/09/2010 22:39

Because I will need a full stat report as to how great they were and what songs they performed, as I'm not going

OP posts:
Lovecat · 11/09/2010 10:09

I saw them last night :)

They were AWESOME - but I have to say the sound mix went very odd in the second of the 3 encores they did, and it was impossible to hear Matt Bellamy's voice at all - given their general perfectionism and attention to detail this might have been intentional and I'm just a crabby old fart, but hey...

As far as I can remember (I refer you to previous comment re oldness & fartiness), they played:

Uprising (opening number, tons of people came onstage first waving massive flags of all nations and then unfurled two huge flags in front of the video screens saying "They Will Not Control Us" - it was amazing!)

Their set was like the prow of a spaceship, the top of it it stuck out into the crowd in a V shape and also lit up to act as an enormous split video screen which either gave alternative/messed about with angles of them onstage or other images relating to the songs. They had a huge lightshow and several times let off massive plumes of smoke all along the front of the stage. There was also a detachable illuminated bit at the front of the stage on a cherry-picker which Chris and Dominic went onto and got raised out above the audience for a brilliant extended drum n' bass bit that led into Undisclosed Desires where Matt joined them up there.

At one point massive streamers were blasted out into the audience and whirled around by the wind - looked brilliant. There was also the release of some massive balloons with an eye on them (there was a glitterball/lightshow thing at the top of the set which every so often became a blinking eye looking around at us all - no doubt part of the whole dystopian thing they've got going on) which got kicked around the crowd during the second encore.

For the final encore (Plug-In Baby and Knights of Cydonia) Matt wore a pair of blue LED sunglasses and a black suit with red LED blobs flashing all the way up it - incredibly effective!

And there was a spaceship. A big silver spaceship. I'm not saying any more about that in case anyone's going tonight because I don't want to spoil the extra surprise :)

They also played (not sure if in the right order!):
Supermassive Black Hole
New Born
Feeling Good
I belong to You
Undisclosed Desires
Time is Running Out
Love is a Resistance (wonderful!)
Stockholm Syndrome
Take A Bow
Soldier's Song

Encores were
The whole of the Exogenesis thing (at least I think it was, that was the poor sound quality one)
Plug In Baby
and Knights of Cydonia - which was absolutely AMAZING!!!! (sorry, got overexcited there...)

I may well have missed something out, my memory is terrible! They didn't do my faves, Muscle Museum and Unintended, but as they did them the last time I saw them at Wembley I didn't mind too much.

Lily Allen was also excellent (she dances very energetically for a heavily pregnant woman!), did a Greatest Hits type set, really sounded great. The Big Pink were very good - we got there too late for the White Rabbits so cannot report on them.

If it helps to ease your strop, beer cost 4.50 a pint and a slice of pizza the size of my hand was £8 - so at least you weren't ripped off like we were! Oh, and it took us an hour to get out of the car park...

LyraSilvertongue · 13/09/2010 00:34

I was there both nights. Saturday tops Friday for awesomeness.
Both shows were simply stunning, even though I've seen the stadium show before in Paris so knew what to expect.
Now I probably won't see them live again for a couple of years as they're off to the States, then Australia, then taking a break to write another album.
If I had the money I'd go to New York to see them this autumn.

LyraSilvertongue · 13/09/2010 00:36

Lovecat, it's just Resistance. Oh and Soldier's Poem.

LyraSilvertongue · 13/09/2010 00:44

Btw, Saturday's setlist was utterly incredible.
We got (in this order):

Uprising (it started raining just as this song began which looked beautiful with the lights)
Supermassive Black Hole
MK Ultra
Map of the Problematique
Guiding Light (with streamer cannons)
Citizen Erased
United States of Eurasia
Ruled by Secrecy (they haven't played this in the UK since 2004 - I was gobsmacked that we got it last night)
Feeling Good
Drum and bass jam (Dom and Chris on the satellite stage - brilliant)
Undisclosed Desires (all three on satellite stage above the crowd)
Time is Running Out
Unnatural Selection

encore 1:
Exogenesis pt 1: Overture (with the heliosphere giving birth to an 'alien' dancer)
Stockholm Syndrome (with extended riffage from Mr Bellamy)

Encore 2:
Take a Bow (Matt in LED suit and blue shutter shades on the Satellite stage)
Plug in Baby (with confetti-filled Eyeballoons)
Knights of Cydonia

There are loads of pics and videos on the Muse messageboard. You don't have to register to look at the threads.

LyraSilvertongue · 13/09/2010 00:47

They didn't play the whole of Exogenesis on Friday, just part 1. The whole thing is 13 minutes long.

Lovecat · 13/09/2010 12:19

That's me told, then.

LyraSilvertongue · 13/09/2010 14:00

Sorry, didn't mean to sound like a school teacher correcting homework Grin

catsmother · 18/09/2010 14:37

Went on Friday, thus fulfilling a long held ambition to see them live (until now, life has always got in the way - no money, no-one to go with (though that would no longer bother me if I had to), no child care etc etc).

OMG - what a beautiful * noise they make live. Can't really describe it any better than that. Yes ... would have preferred the Saturday setlist but was just over the moon to finally see them live doing anything at all.

The only downer is that I had a bit of a panic attack due to the crush, and, having stood for 4.5 hours about 20 feet back from the stage on Chris' side with a great view had to move out to the side about 4 songs in because I couldn't breathe and was fightened. I expected the crush, I expected the enthusiasm and the bouncing up and down but what I didn't expect (or hoped wouldn't happen when we were all so tightly packed in) is for some people to force open a circle in which they threw each other about, slamming into the rest of us on the edges of said circle regardless. Several others from the same area also left/moved before we did because these guys just didn't give a shit who they were leaping on/knocking over. Fact was, I (and loads of others) couldn't even lift our arms at points because we were so packed ..... fair enough, no-one minded that we were all pressed so close when the atmosphere was one of heightened excitement, but as soon as Muse came on, it just went to pieces. In that sort of situation, simple physics dictate that if you force open a pit, people are going to get even more crushed and I was furious at the selfish little oiks who were determined to do what they wanted to do regardless of who might get hurt.

I really am not an old fart - honest. Have been to quite a few Madness gigs (not entirely willingly) and been close to the front with great fat skinhead types in Doc Martens moshing away ... and have never felt panicked like I did last Friday. Have also had said skinheads checking I was okay if they bumped me (!) or shouting out to their mates to take it easy etc. No such luck at Wembley with the (seemingly) teenage brats who were oblivious to anyone else.

Thing was, when you're trying to defend/protect yourself, you're not listening to the music or watching the show and by the time we moved I was in tears because all I'd wanted to do was bounce up and down, sing along and totally immerse myself in the sound. Right at the edge of the pitch, I couldn't see anything of the band themselves and was gutted at having been so near, yet so far as it turned out. Would have been entirely different had we turned up at 8 .... you would have expected a rubbish place, and could have enjoyed it for what it was, but I was so-oooooo disappointed I found it really hard to get into it at all. Had I known what was going to happen I'd have gone for a GA seat when we 1st arrived, and would have had the pick of them for a decent view of the show but I always think the atmosphere is better on the pitch - or at least it should have been.

May be stupid, but have felt very depressed for the last week, given that unless I win the lottery there's no way I'll be seeing them live again for probably at least a couple of years in the UK. I keep kicking myself, thinking I should have stuck it out, but was genuinely very very uncomfortable where we were. Am also very angry with Wembley's organisation the more I think about it .... had there been a 2nd barrier, with stamps on your hand for 1st come 1st served, then at least that front area of the pitch would have contained a finite number of people ...... i.e. less crushing impact and less chance of injury from selfish twats leaping on you .... because there'd be that little bit more space for everyone.

Still love Muse though and have played nothing else all week. Grin

LyraSilvertongue · 20/09/2010 11:32

Aw Catsmonther Sad
So many people had the same experience as you. I really don't see the point of circle pits at all. I go and see a band because I want to watch and hear them perform and dance and jump up and down and sing along with thousands of others who all love the same band as me.
That's what it was like at the Stade de France in June because they had a golden circle, which limited the number of people able to get to the front. I stayed at the back of the GC and had a great view of the band and lots of room to move around.
I couldn't believe it at first when I heard Wembley wasn't having a golden circle or second barrier. I thought it would be a mistake. And it was. I and many others found we had to retreat to the sides/back when the crushing got too much.
I was seated (level 1) on Friday luckily so I got to see and hear the whole thing with no problems. On Saturday I decided to stand because I'd missed the atmosphere of the crowd the previous night. I got as far as Bliss (fourth song) before I decided I had to get out. We were by the sound booth on Matt's side and thankfully there were no mosh/circle pits that far back but the moshing forced people to move further back to where I was and suddenly there was no space to even move my arms. So my brother and I spent the whole of Guiding Light trying to fight our way to the edge.
I was a bit gutted because I'd queued from 3pm to get a good spot and ended up on the edge with people who got there late. And most of those people seemed to just want to chat through the slower songs (Ruled by Secrecy was almost ruined because everyone around me was bloody chatting).
Having said all this, I did have an amazing time both nights but having been to Stade de France I know how much better it could have been with a little crowd control and that makes me Sad

catsmother · 20/09/2010 21:14

Glad someone agrees with me ... and I'm not being a grumpy old woman ! I'm really amazed I haven't read about any serious injuries - though hopefully there's a teenage brat out there somewhere with a severely bruised shin after I kicked him when he leapt into my face.

Think about the golden circle is that it doesn't have to be an excuse for charging extra - though I know some bands do this. I saw U2 last year at Sheffield and it was 1st come, 1st served (was 6 rows back Grin) with a GA ticket, with all of us stamped, so once the circle was filled that was that. It was squashed - but in a good way ! Think half the problem was that so many latecomers for Muse arrived at the last moment and forced their way into the crowd. Loads of them were pissed which obviously didn't help - selfish twats. Sorry you had the same experience as me on Saturday ... it just isn't the same is it ? Though you did get Bliss ! Envy Smile

LyraSilvertongue · 20/09/2010 21:22

Yeah, it was an amazing setlist on the Saturday. But I enjoyed Friday just as much.
At the Stade de France, GC tickets were slightly more expensive, which I didn't mind paying at all, but when Muse last played Wembley in 2007 they had a first come, first served GC at no extra cost. No idea why they didn't do the same this time.
Btw, lots of the Musers from the messageboard have uploaded HD videos from Friday and Saturday nights.
One, called Deethreedee (look for his channel on YT) had his dad with him, who filmed every song in HD on both nights. I'm watching them now and reliving the awesomeness Grin
Also a Muser called Mapoftheglorious (not sure what his YT name is) is making an HD multi-angle DVD of the Saturday, which will be uploaded to Musebootlegs once he's finished editing it. So look out for that too.

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