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UK MNer who is thinking about, having or has had IVF? Complete a survey so IVF care and services can be improved. Chance to win a £300 John Lewis voucher. NOW CLOSED

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JustineBMumsnet · 21/04/2016 15:50

Mumsnet has been asked by an independent research agency called Breaking Blue, (who have been commissioned by an IVF clinic) to find Mumsnetters able and willing to talk about their IVF experience.

Here's what Breaking Blue has to say: "We are pleased to tell you that our IVF survey is up and running again.

As a reminder, this survey is open to all female UK Mumsnetters who are considering, currently having, or have had IVF. Those of you who were not able to access the survey before or accidentally screened out, will now be able to complete it – we value your input and Breaking Blue apologise sincerely for the problems you encountered.

We know that IVF can be a difficult and emotional process. If there are any sensitive questions you do not wish to answer, you can tell us that and skip them. The aim of this research is to find out what the IVF experience and process is currently like for patients and their partners and how it can be improved in the future. It will take about 20 minutes of your time.

Again can we reassure you that your private data has not been passed to any third party, that all of your answers will be kept confidential, and that all of your data will be stored securely and only used for the purposes of this research."

Everyone who completes the survey will be put into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 John Lewis voucher.

Here’s the link.

Thanks and good luck,


OP posts:
evilgiraffe · 28/04/2016 16:51

Nearly a week since this one went up and still no working link? What's happening, HQ?

evilgiraffe · 16/05/2016 18:32

Done - though there was no way of pointing out that my treatment was shared between two clinics rather than all happening at the same one.

BorisIsBack · 16/05/2016 21:08

I've just had ivf which was successful and reached a message saying I'm not eligible to take part - after answering 6 other questions. Seems odd given the MN subject line above.
Also the survey doesn't work well on an iPhone.

Fabuluce · 16/05/2016 21:18

I've tried this survey twice so far and it's crashed on me 10 mins in both times. I want to help but there's a limit!

Fluffyemenent · 16/05/2016 21:28

Same issue as above I completed a fair few questions then was told not eligible which is highly annoying and a waste of my time. Not impressed mums net!! It would appear that having an IVF success first time bars you from most of the survey.

wineandcheeseplease · 16/05/2016 21:29

I've had ivf for my current pregnancy but am not eligible after answering so many questions

OneMoreForExtra · 16/05/2016 22:08

Bizarre. Not only have I failed at IVF I've also failed at this survey (it feels like). Not eligible, despite 9 unsuccessful and one successful round of IVF. Perhaps some clearer guidelines on who is sought for this survey, or a more sensitive fuck off message, needed!

TapDancingPimp · 16/05/2016 22:46

Not eligible coz I live in N.I.


Ladymuck · 16/05/2016 22:47

Also not eligible. Do they only want to hear from people who haven't resorted to IVF?

YorkshireTeaDrinker · 16/05/2016 22:51

Also 'not eligible'. Definitely need clearer guidance re who they want to participate.

iminshock · 16/05/2016 23:02

Is this some kind of weird experiment in trying and trying and failing ? As in many of our IVF experiences ?

Mner · 16/05/2016 23:12

Not eligible. We were successful after 3 cycles. What a shame. I would have really liked to contribute. Lots to offer - had 2 types of IVF at 2 clinics.

YoungGirlGrowingOld · 17/05/2016 04:22

I am pregnant after one round of IVF and managed to participate although none of the suggested answers recognize that not everyone has IVF due to fertility problems. (It was genetic selection I needed). This survey seems very poorly designed.

Mner · 17/05/2016 07:24

Maybe it was lucky I was ineligible then as we had IVF for genetic selection as well.

drinkyourmilk · 17/05/2016 07:46

Also not eligible. I'm about to start my first round of ivf, no previous children. MNHQ do you think this needs clearer guidelines on who they want to participate? They've had plenty of people try, but not been able.

TipBoov · 17/05/2016 09:00

I'm not eligible either? I have a child conceived via IVF, and I'm pregnant after a frozen cycle.

Who are you actually looking for any why didn't it state this more clearly in the subject?

NoMudNoLotus · 17/05/2016 09:24

What's the point of asking people to participate to only be told after questions that you're not eligible ?

NoMudNoLotus · 17/05/2016 09:25

Really not happy with this one Mumsnet.

AnnMumsnet · 17/05/2016 11:01

hi - sorry about this - this is a 3rd party survey so we have contacted the survey folks and will come back to you all as soon as.

PoppyMumsnet · 17/05/2016 13:50

Hi Everyone, we've been in touch with the survey people at Breaking Blue and they are very sorry that the survey has been problematic. This is what they've said to pass on to you: "Please accept our apologies for the problems with the survey. There were some technical issues which led to some Mumsnetters being screened out unintentionally. We are very sorry for the frustration this has caused around what is a very sensitive topic."

Ladymuck · 17/05/2016 14:47

Been able to complete it now.

BorisIsBack · 17/05/2016 14:52

I tried to get back in but it says I've already completed the survey...

Giving up now, I hope the research is worth it.

Ladymuck · 17/05/2016 14:55

May have to clear cookies- I happen to be on a different pc.

MumsKnitter · 17/05/2016 16:50

No doubt I wouldn't have been eligible had I been able to complete the survey. I had IVF abroad, but the survey insisted on me answering questions about my local clinics as I had heard of them. I have no experience of them though!

This has to be the worst designed survey I have ever attempted to take part in. I can only assume it was the first time the designer had ever tried to create one, and that they had been given no training or guidance on how to set about it. Sloppy work, clearly not tested to see if it was fit for purpose. What a waste of my time.

TipBoov · 17/05/2016 16:56

Also didn't give me the option to select more than one status - I have to select either I have a child conceived via IVF OR pregnant, but not both. Odd!

Worthless survey as the results will be so inaccurate.

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